Customer Support Overview

Customer Support Overview

CSP Customer Support is always available to assist customers with a range of consultative, advisory, technical support, and forensic data services. Our Customer Support professionals are experts in violent crime incident analysis, acoustic data analysis and processing, virtual service management, systems integration, wireless communications, network, and systems support, courtroom testimony, and more. We are passionate about our mission to help fight gun violence wherever it occurs, and we are proud our service.

Customer Support services we offer typically include:

Basic Assistance for Customers

  • User account/login/password assistance

  • Help with service interfaces and features (Alerts Console, Investigator Portal, Siren, Briefing Room)

  • Incident (re)classification and review

Forensic Services

  • Investigative and consultative support for violent crime incidents and gun crime investigations (including undetected shootings)

  • Detailed Forensic Reports for homicides, Officer Involved Shootings, high-profile investigations, prosecutions

  • Expert Witness services

Integration Services

  • CSP data integration with video/VMS, RMS, CAD, COP, etc.

  • Briefing Room (for eligible customers)

Service Updates

  • Customer notification of software and service updates

  • Technical Support Bulletins, Service Advisories, webinars


  • Comprehensive training program

  • Tracker/Jr Analyst

  • Sr analyst

  • Pilots

  • IT

  • College level cert program

  • Course content

    • Privacy program

    • Technology program


System Requirements

A system is only as good as the weakest link. That's why CSP works with PSS to design systems that work together all the time, regardless of the environment.


PSS writes the software and builds the support components to ensure the systems are ready when they are needed.  


This includes the image processors, storage centers,  data communications, command centers, and mobile command vehicles.