Impact of Violent Crime

The CSP believes that reducing crime even by a small percentage could save millions or more every year. This money could be spent developing communities, creating jobs, and ultimately improving the quality of life for citizens.  


Millions of dollars are spent every year as a result of violent crime and its impact is felt throughout the community. Below, you will find information on crime rates, the cost of crime, and links for crime rates by neighborhood, all intended to depict the severity of violent crime and why the CSP should be implemented to improve your community. The information below is sourced directly from the Department of Justice or Neighborhood Scout.  

To learn more visit Neighborhood Scout

The Community Support Program utilizes wide area motion imagery (WAMI) from Persistent Surveillance Systems.  WAMI or WAAS is the collection of city-sized imagery (roughly 36 SQ miles) at resolutions allowing analysts to follow vehicles from crime scenes.  In this imagery, people show up as a 1-pixel dot with no identifying information available. CSP utilizes this technology by flying a piloted aircraft with the Hawkeye II sensor from Persistent Surveillance Systems over targeted areas, as analysts work with law enforcement on the ground to respond to emergencies (911 calls).

Analysts are able to zoom into any area within the image to 1/2 meter resolution allowing us to easily follow vehicles, monitor traffic, respond to emergency situations, and coordinate with law enforcement on the ground.  This capability is seen as a force multiplier to law enforcement agencies all over the country.  Our analyst can have their "eyes" on the scene for any 911 call within our coverage area in seconds.  By providing this capability to command officers CSP provides unprecedented situational awareness and response to the communities we are supporting.