Netent Casino

If you like online gambling and you’re looking for a safe and reliable online casino you definitely should take a look in one of the many Netent Casinos.  A Netent Casino is an online casino that offer a (wide) range of high quality casino games developed and produced by the Swedish casino software providing company Net Entertainment (Netent).

Netent games

The casino games manufactured by Netent are especially designed for online casino gaming and can only be played in online casinos that make part of the Net Entertainment Network. That’s the reason why in different Netent Casinos you can play the same Netent casino games, easy recognizable by their loading screen with the Netent logo.

All these Netent games have a fixed (high) payout percentage and are stored on the Net Entertainment servers on Malta. These servers are controlled and sealed by the Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA), the leading European online gaming licensing body.

This means neither Netent nor the online casinos making part of the Net Entertainment Network (the Netent Casinos) in any way are able to influence the results or outcome of the games. Netent merely develops and produces casino games while the Netent Casinos are merely licensed by Net Entertainment to use their software.

Netent games in Netent Casinos

In the Netent Casinos you’ll find a wide range of Netent casino games and the collection of these games produced by Net Entertainment steadily keeps expanding. At this moment there are more than 75 Netent casino games available under which the traditional table games (like roulette, black jack and poker), videopoker, classic slots and scratchcards. A so-called “flagship” product of Net Entertainment however are their highly popular video slots of which every month a new game is released, subsequently playable in the Netent Casinos.

High payout percentage and win chances in Netent Casinos

The Netent games in the Netent Casinos are famous for their high “Return-To-Player” (RTP) percentages and thus the chance to win a really big prize. The RTP (payout) percentage of a game is the part of every placed bet that is paid out as winnings. The payout percentages of the Netent casino games are set on an average of 97%. This is a very high percentage, especially compared to the payout percentages of conventional slot machines that normally do not exceed 68%.

Free Spins and bonuses in Netent Casinos

A huge advantage of the Netent casino games is you can play the same game(s) in various online casinos. This also means you can register yourself as a player in several different Netent Casinos and benefit from their welcome bonuses for new players. Once subscribed you can profit from the regularly returning casino bonuses and promotions these casinos organize for their players.

Free Spins are a special casino bonus by which the Netent Casinos give their players free play rounds on a Netent game. The winnings from these free game rounds are paid out as bonus money that, after meeting the wagering requirements, can be paid out as real money. Most Netent Casinos by default will provide their players with free spins whenever a new Netent video slot is released (so their players can get acquainted with the game).

High jackpots in Netent Casinos

Net Entertainment has developed various casino games with which a progressive jackpot can be won. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that is accumulated by the players on the jackpot game and therefore will grow until the jackpot is won. There are local generated jackpot games and there are network generated Netent jackpot games.

The local jackpots are generated by players in only one Netent Casino and can only be won by a player in that very same casino. The local generated jackpots can reach significant heights but normally don’t reach a jackpot as high as the networked jackpots.

The network jackpots are “shared” (on the Net Entertainment Network) by various Netent Casinos and therefore the same jackpot can be won in different casinos. Besides this, as they are accumulated by all players on the game in different online casinos, these jackpots normally reach extreme (multimillion) amounts of money.

Unofficial Netent Website

This website is not an official website of the Net Entertainment Company from Malta and Sweden. This is just an informative website for anyone who wants to know about the games of Netent and where you can best play these games.