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We work with communities to improve trust and accountability between community members and law enforcement. We act as an unbiased witness to solve what would otherwise be unsolvable crimes.

Elected officials

We help elected officials improve the safety of their city while increasing job opportunities and promoting economic growth.

law enforcement

Our program helps law enforcement locate suspects and solve crime quicker than ever before in addition to deterring crimes before they are committed.

In some cities, 1 out of every 4 families will be a victim of crime every year

 How Does The Community Support  Program  Reduce Crime 


Our innovative technology uses wide area imaging to provide investigative information to aide police officers in solving crime and increasing deterrence.


Our analysts are trained to use this tool effectively and responsibly to  provide supportive information for investigations in response to calls for service.

Our program helps to build trust between community members and law enforcement by increasing accountability and by solving and deterring violent crime.


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